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Whilst communication is important when you are on a date, your body language plays a huge part on a subconscious level as to how feel or how shy you are acting.  You need to be able to understand your body language in order to make sure that you are not giving off any negative vibes to your partner when you are on a date.

The first and foremost thing that you should observe about your body language is if you are making eye contact with your date.  When you talk, your eyes are the confirmation of your thoughts and feelings.  If you are shy or nervous, you may be tempted to look away as you talk, but this can mean that you are lying and also will make your date feel that you are not interested.  Even when you are not talking, eye contact can be very attractive.  A quick sideways glance with a smile can make your date feel special.

Another thing that will be important on a date is how you actually sit.  If you are sitting at a table, you should be very careful that you do not fold your arms.  This forms a barricade against your chest where your heart is.  It is a pretty bold statement that you do not intend to be open or romantic, so make sure that you are not tempted to fold your arms.  The same goes for crossing your legs over.  If you need to, you can cross your ankles, but folded arms and crossed legs are a  big no!

You should also avoid fidgeting with things around you when you are nervous.  This can make your date feel nervous too. Try to use playful touching of your dates arms and legs, and even a brush against their cheek with your hand can send romantic signals.

Mature people have a completely different attitude to dress sense and sexuality.  You should make sure that you will be dressing appropriately for your date.  If you have not dated for a number of years, be careful of the current trend with people of your particular age. 

You should not be wearing the same outfits that you wore in the 80s when you went out for your first dates for example.  You should try to dress reservedly and respectably.  Ensure that you are neat and tidy in your appearance and look as though you have made an effort.  This is sure to impress.

If you know a little about your date, or if this is not your first date, then you will be sure to impress by taking a personalized gift for your date.  Some women like flowers and candy for example.  If she has mentioned her favorite type of candy or her favorite flower, then you could take along this as a gift for her.  Similarly, if you are going to be dating with a mature man, then you should try to take along a little gift that he would appreciate too.  Men love having gifts too, this will be sure to impress.

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