Jio adds additional charges to unlimited plans


Telecom giant Jio announced additional charges on its ongoing unlimited plans. As per the official sources of Jio it will now charge 6 Paisa per minute for all the outgoing calls outside its network.

This means that now, if you call a person from your Jio number, who does not possess Jio number, then you have to pay 6 Paisa for every 60 seconds that you talk with him. Jio confirm this news defending that their regulation is based under the judicial terms and conditions of TRAI.

This move by Jio is expected to bring a hike by all major Telecom companies including BSNL which are presently offering identical unlimited plans to its customers. Jio earlier conquered a major part of customer percentage by offering its free service for many months. That move by Jio had bought ripples in the Telecom industry, forcing all major Telecom companies to slash their prices and revise their customer plans to competitive level.

Now that Jio has revised  its tariff plans, it is expected that its counterparts are going to follow its footsteps and hike their present rates as well. As far is Jio is concerned, it offers additional top ups of 10, 20, 50 and so on along with its present unlimited plans, which would provide additional talking minutes for customer outside the Jio network.

Market analysts see this move as inevitable and quite understandable. According to them, it was unreasonable to offer free services for such a long duration of time at the first place. This has caused maintenance and running cost issues for Jio and if it is happening to them then it is understandable that it is also happening to the other leading Telecom industry. 

Jio’s customers are obviously not happy with this move. They were expecting Jio to at least continue with the present plan but it seems that these rates have been executed with immediate effect and so everybody who is running the present unlimited plan of Jio too, has to upgrade or top up to enjoy the economical tariff charges. But with no nearby competitor for the overall value of money that Jio is offering, it is unlikely that its share in the market is going to suffer heavily by this move. However, we are keeping our fingers crossed to see the result of this tariff plan hike move by Jio.

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