The stage is set for 2019 Maharashtra assembly elections


Maharashtra assembly elections are about to happen in the next few days and the stage looks also set up for an exciting finish. After all the rope pulling fight between the BJP and shiv sena the two parties have finally decided to fight the elections together and we can expect similar results in the pattern that happened last year. 

At present, BJP looks in a very good position to take the lead and emerge as the biggest party. The Modi effect is high with the recent article 370 and pro Indian patriotic waves and it seems that it should not have any problem emerging as the biggest party and winning the Assembly elections comfortably. The alliance formed in the last assembly elections performed impressively and it is likely to get even better results than 2014.

BJP and shiv sena has decided to form an alliance and contest the elections collectively. BJP is fighting in 148 seeds while shiv sena is fighting 124 seeds while 12 seats are being given to their smaller alliance parties. 

This alliance is comfortably poised in the election in every regard and it seems that NCP and Congress and any other party is not likely to give any run for money to the leading party. The performance of the present government is decent and the Modi factor working in their favor, rest be assured that exit polls are not going to show any miraculous turn back. 

The poll predictions have also worked in favor of the BJP and shiv sena alliance and it looks like a Cakewalk for them. However, BJP should not take things lightly and for granted and they should remember the recent collapse in Madhya Pradesh, where nobody was expecting Congress to win but it surprised everybody with its result.

What would be more interesting to see is once BJP and shiv sena comes back in power, how are they going to allot the ministries. It has been a difficult phase for the alliance both at Maharashtra and at the centre, where they have been constant conflict of interests and dominance and they need to sort out this matter diplomatically. 

For the time being, we are all geared up for Maharashtra elections that are due in the next few days and let hope that we see and a fair competition. We surely need a good opposition to function the government effectively and let us hope that the NCP and Congress can become that kind of opposition.

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